The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here are some of my favorite products that I have on my wishlist for Mother's Day this year! 

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Swinging Camp Chairs

My favorite investment!! If you camp a lot or have kids in baseball or softball you need these. I LOVE my chair! I’ve now had it for 3 years and love the little rock. Comfy to sit in for hours and hours of never ending games.

Fit & Fresh Bag

I have the green bag and use it all the time. Its massive and its perfect. I think I was able to fit 9 big beach towels with room to spare. Lots of great colors and an even better price point!

Dragon Fit Yoga Top

If you watched my stories recently you heard and saw how picky I am about my tank tops. This one is awesome for working out. The arm holes are good and the fabric lays nice and its affordable but feels good

Weather Sports Tent

Putting this on here as a not so subtle hint that I want this so bad for spring sports.

Godefroy Hair Dying Kit

The eyebrow dying kit I’ve used for years. One kit will literally last you a few years and if you really want to stretch your dollar just use half the little pill since you really don’t need much. Once you dye your brows you can’t go back.

Left Center Right Dice Game

A must have group game!! It's so fun and even more fun and exciting if you play with actual money. Either quarters or dollar bills!!

Donna Karen Deodorant

Ok I know this is probably a little more expensive than you are used to spending on a stick of deodorant but I’ve not used mine for 7 months!!! It’s like the Mary Poppins type deodorant and it smells so good and doesn’t make a weird mixed smell when I do sweat. I feel like its worth every penny!!

Quiksilver Straw Hat

My go to summer hat. Its cute and it keeps all the sun off my fave and freckles at bay. I’ve had mine two years and get compliments every time I wear it.

Lane Life Bag

I have a green one of these bags and I love it so much! I take it all over with me in the summer and love that if it gets dirty I can rinse it out. So many cute colors.

Dimoncoat Phone Stand

The phone stand that I’ve used for years. Love that I don’t have to take my phone case off to use it, its solid, and that it bends a lot of different ways.

Hoxis Beach Bag

Perfect beach bag that fold tiny and holds a lot. I pack this in my suitcase and typically leave it packed with our summer essentials all summer long. Lots of cute colors!

Red Aspen Nails

The press on nails I have raved about for years!! They are durable and allow me to live my life without worrying about popping a nail off they are one of the quickest ways to get a little shot of dopamine in your life. I love love having cute nails! Amazing mom hack to be able to do your nails anytime and anywhere

DIME Beauty

I’ve really liked every product I’ve used so far but the perfumes might be my favorite. 7 summers, core memory, and running late are my favorites. All the ingredients are clean which makes me feel better about wearing it daily.

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Ooni Pizza Oven

A few weeks ago we had the best pizza made in a pizza oven and now I think I need one of these. Imagine how fun it would be to pop a pizza in this cool compact pizza oven on the deck during the summer. If I don’t get this for mothers day I’m definitely getting it for Wyatt for fathers day.

Coco & Eve Self Tanner

I have a deep love for self tanner and feel like I’ve tried so so many and I’ve heard raving reviews about this one. Its very enticing that no hands are involved and all you do is spray it on your face and wake up with a healthy glow. Self tanner for the win always!!

Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush

The toothbrush I’ve used for 5 years and since they are so affordable I got all of my kids one also. Bonus: they are typically on sale for under $30 and the battery lasts forever.

Red Aspen Tanning Supplies

I was blessed with white pasty skin so I know my way around self tanner. I’ve used it for years and this Red Aspen mousse is such a pretty color and it lasts a long time. Make sure you grab the exfoliator, tanning mitt, mousse, and the drops to use on your face hands and ankles.

Laneige Lip Mask

I have naturally really dry lips so this has been a life (lip) saver for me and I’m always shocked by how long it lasts!

Walli Phone Case

I honestly don’t know how people survive without a Walli case! I never carry a purse or wallet anymore. The strap thing lays flat when I don’t have my finger through it so it’s not as bulky in my back pocket and the card holder is a dream!

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PMD Beauty Cleansing Device

There is clean and then there is CLEAN! This is what this cleaner does to your face. It just feels like you got a deep clean facial when using this product.

Bissell Little Green Machine

Ohhhh the amount of little spills and stains we as moms deal with. This will quickly become one of your favorite things with how handy it is. One of my favorite things to clean with it are my couches!


Hollywood Silicon Coverups

I haven’t tried these yet but my sister and friends rave about them. Can’t wait to chuck all of those annoying boob pads in my swimsuits that always get scrunched up.

Pill Organizer

I am usually that mom that isn’t super prepared with medicine. In the past my idea of medicine was an ibuprofen and a cold mountain dew:) Now that I’ve got kids I am trying to get more prepared and have things on hand when they need something.

Burt's Bees Chapstick

The ONLY chapstick Wyatt will use. It’s a staple around our house!

Tobiq Bags

The bag of a mom’s dream! We have the 60L bag that has 4 even compartments to keep everything organized. It’s been super convenient when the kids all get a compartment and we can literally pack in one bag. Plus it has back pack straps which makes carrying it easy. Its an investment but one that we have used over and over.

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Papermate Pens

One of my friends posted these and since I kinda geek out over this stuff I was excited to buy them and holy moly they are awesome! Ha ha so if you like stuff like fun pens to write with this would be for you.



The most used game from Christmas and is fun for all ages

Arabello Bags

My current favorite cross body bag. Pick your color and your strap! High end leather from Italy. 

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Monopoly Deal

A super fun card game that is perfect for a family. True story: when Wyatt and I were first married we didn’t have tv so we would play monopoly deal literally every single night.


Clean Skin Club Towels

I keep seeing these all over the gram but I haven’t tried them yet. Just ordered my first box but they seem awesome.

Grandpa Beck's Games

Cover your assets is the perfect game for a family. Even Jett who is 5 can play (and usually beats me) For me its a great semi quick game that I can play with my kids when we have a few minutes.

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The Pink Stuff

OR should we say the miracle stuff. The perfect amount of grit to get things clean. We’ve used it on basically anything you can think of and its crazy affordable!


The BEST Tweezers

A nightly routine ugh! I have chin hairs and they DRIVE ME CRAZY! I like the straight ones to get out the short poky ones.

Salty Tub Co. Bath Packs

This is not your typical bathing experience. Its a spa like bath with several mix ins. My go to is the mama detox bath! They also have quickie bath packs that are a little cheaper.

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O-Cedar Spin Mop

My sister has this and raves about it (you know how we have now entered into the stage of being excited over things like mops and vacuums:)) But seriously this thing looks awesome

Sylvie Hormone Kit

When we take care of ourselves we can take better care of our people. I’m currently working on getting my hormones back on track thanks to the knowledge and help I got from this at home hormone test kit.

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52 Modern Manners for Today's Teens

I love these books so much! Brooke does an amazing job to give realistic examples to promote great conversations. I love these books because they remind me that we have to teach our kids the basics of how to be a good human!

Beehive Meals

Not having to worry about dinner is such a gift sometimes. These are the best freezer meals I have found. They have some fun variety and make those busy crazy nights more doable.

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MicroStitch Tagging Kit

If a shirt or swimsuit is just a twitch too low use this brilliant little tool and make a quick stitch!!

Five Crowns

One of our families favorite card games. Its easy and fun and even my 5 year old can do it!

California Fresh Home

Something about a good smelling home. Am I right?? I love this device because you can customize it to your home plus the scents are next level good!!!

Spinning Prize Wheel

I want one of these so bad! I mean think of all the uses that it could be for. Games, chores, family parties, dinners, etc.

Rest Cloud Neck and Should Relaxer

I hold all of my stress in my neck and upper back so this looks heavenly.

Ninja Creami

After seeing this all over the gram I bought one and finally get what the hype is about!! My favorite treat is ice cream and this legit tastes like a blizzard. I’m seriously impressed!! Plus when you make it with certain ingredients it is even healthy!

Glam Wash Detergent

This is on my wish list. Haven’t tried it yet but I want to. Don’t you just love when laundry smells yummy?!

Cozy Confidence Curl Band

I give the gifts the option to have curls or crimps so at nights we either braid or put their hair in these curl bands. I love love the convenience these give and the curls are super cute!

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Photo Organization Case

I’ve seen this and think it would be the best way to make the most of your space!! I love to have things compact and organized.

Pro Lash Eyelashes

I struggle applying lash extensions and this one has been the best I have found. The adhesive goes on like mascara so its much easier to apply the lashes. Mine typically stay on 7-10 days!

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Yeedi Vacuum

LIFE-SAVER and my new favorite toy. Wyatt got this for me for Christmas and it already has 240 hours of use on it!! It mops and vacuums at the same time. I turn it on every morning after breakfast and every night at bed time. The vacuum on it is good and the mop saves my bacon (I despise mopping) Do yourself a massive favor and get this! It has seriously helped me feel like my house is overall cleaner.

Sol De Janeiro Cream

The last favorite things party I went to this was brought a handful of times. I’ve heard it is basically magic.

Get Out Pass

I think we all want to be the ‘fun mom’ and this get out pass has allowed me to be that will a lot less work!! In my opinion this pass is totally worth it especially if you are planning on going to Lagoon. Its basically the same price as a day pass to Lagoon!!

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Coconu Lubricant

From someone who wasn’t using and didn’t need lube, this stuff has been awesome. Our favorite is the oil-based and it just makes the whole experience better.

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Gimme Thick Hair Bands

If you love a bouncy ponytail that stays in place! I remember learning the ponytail trick in high school to grab some hair at the top of your pony and pull it up so it looked like a happy ponytail haha. Not all hair ties are created equal and this one is the best.

Mixhers Drink Mix

I’ve created my own concoction with these mixhers drinks! Recipe: One can of coconut la croix, mixhers packet, and coconut creamer!!

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Potato Princess Soy Candles

I’ve recently become a candle girl. I love the vibe it sets in your home. I light my candle every night after I clean up dinner and it kinda feels like a little celebration when I close my dishwasher after loading it and light these delicious smelling candles. They are made out of soy, hand poured, and will burn for 90 hours!

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The Haircut Box

Shameless plug but honestly this is the best thing you could do for your family!! Saves money, gives you more convenience in your life, creates one on one time with your kids and just overall a good idea. I could go on all day why I think you need a box but I’ll let you hop over to my website and read the hundreds of reviews.

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